Dutch Amateur Radio Station – 2018


Welcome , to my website - www.pd2ba.nl
Hello fellow Hams and ham radio listeners! Get comfy and have fun surfing my site. You will probably have worked me if you visit this website, in that case I want to thank you very much for the contact. Let me Introduce myself : My name is Ben , Iam Born on 23 april 1970 and I have my Amateur Licence since 2002.

Living in the beautiful Province Gelderland (South) in The Netherlands. Qth: Aalst (Bommelerwaard),Grid.Locator JO21NS . Amateur Radio is one of my greatest hobby, I enjoy it already for many years and still do . I like the HF and VHF bands, so you can find me there most of the time on 10 – 20 or 40 meter.

I have at this moment a number of 328 DXcc 's ! on 10 - 20 - 40m. Ham bands. (Latest new Dxcc KH1 - Wkd by PD2BA and PD2GA)
I hope to see you soon into my log for 2018 , hopefully you will enjoy my site.
We will try to keep it up to date !



Latest stations in my Log


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