Audio Files

Audio Files

received by PD2BA 2016

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Vientiane Laos

AP2IA Pakistan
ap2iaRetired from Police Service of Pakistan.
Wife and two sons.

Interests in amateur radio activities/ Golf/polo /fishing /hunting /travelling/
Pets/ Gardening and stamp collecting.


5v7th2016: 10 FEBRUARI untill +-22 FEBRUARI

Arrival date in Togo 9 februari 2016 in Lomé, Togo
(Recording made on 12 Feb. 2016)

Activate by : ON6DX - Wim !

vk4brAntennas 80 Meters sloping dipole at 70ft.
40 Meters is a 2 element mono band yagi at 135 feet or approx 40 meters high
20 Meters 5 element 205BA monoband yagi 125Feet (37 Meters)
Modes SSB RTTY amd JT65.

.73 Tom

P40MM - Jens Aruba - IOTA: SA-036
downloadHoliday style operation in February 2016 from Paradera, Aruba.

Rig: FT450AT Antenna: triple leg vertical
(see top picture - fiberglass pole is mounted to the cactus)
IOTA: SA-036 Loc: FK42xm
QSL is via DL2RMM via the bureau (only).

73 de Jens, P40MM also DL2RMM / K2RMM

DXpedition by F6KOP - Team

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