•  Bosnia and Herzegovina –  E7/PD2BA
  • Operator – Ben

Latest News from Sarajevo :

On 1 may, we finished E7/ PD2BA

507 Qso’s  …  are made in total mixed on 20m.SSB -FT8 and 40m.SSB.
Most Qso’s are made on 20m.with my Bazooka Dipole in te Attic,
The 40m.band Qso’s are made from the Clubstation !

(507  Qso’s  –  around 157 Qso’s from Clubstation on 40m. –   )

Eyeball Qso’s :

Nice to meet some stations from Sarajevo , Thanks to all members from the Clustation E73ENS ,from
left to right , E73AT -Mehoo , E7/PD2BA – Ben , E73Y – Boris , E73DN – Sead .

Antenne Optibeam ! @ Clubstation

On 29 April  , again actief from the Clubstation ,thanks to all members from the E73ENS clubstation , nice to log in some dutch stations on 40m.this evening .
It is almost time to go back home .73’s Ben

On 22apr. We was actief from the Clubstation in Sarajevo
on 40m. band. with 2el. antenne over the North West,FB location
very nice clubstation E73ENS !
We will be actief again on the 29 april in the evening time.
on 40m.SSB , See you further down the log !

FT8 – Qso with VK2CA , with my Bazooka Dipole in attic .

We have put up the Bazooka Dipole for 20m. band in the attic.
We are only active on 20 meter band in SSB and sometimes a few
FT8 Qso’s , because the 40m. dipole is to big for in the attic .
Qrm was high in begin but later we put in between the choke balun
now around s3-4 noise level , not bad for in the big city.
Next time we will find another solution for 40m.
Right now Iam satisfied with the performance of the antenna,
longest distance so far with VK2CR -Peter in Australia.
Hope to see you further down the log , 73’s Ben

My little station (Shack)  from Sarajevo  !

  • Active around   10  April  –  1  May 2019
  • Qth. Capital city : SARAJEVO
  • Via PD2BA – Qsl only via the Dutch Qsl Bureau – or via OQRS Clublog  ( NoeQSL  LOTW or direkt  )
  • Member —- VRZA

  • Equipment :
  • Icom 7100 – Heil headset BM10-IC
  • Bazooka Wire dipole antenna  20m.
  • N1MM  Logger  –  OQRS Clublog
  • Holiday Style , Operation  mainly on 20m. band , SSB – FT8
  • Grid Locator : JN93EU – CQ Zone 15 – ITU Zone 28
  • Elevation : around 540m.

  • Logbook


Dutch Amateur Radio Station