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13 berichten.
Ross schreef op december 24, 2019 om 8:48 am:
Thankyou for answering my call even though I was very weak. 73's.
Gerard schreef op augustus 16, 2019 om 6:34 pm:
Groeten uit Gouda Ben .en Bedankt voor je verbinding op 20 meter op 14.215
William schreef op april 19, 2019 om 12:26 am:
thank you for the contact today and 73,s to you
Juanjo (EB3WH) schreef op april 4, 2019 om 10:06 am:
BEDANKT BEN fer FB FT8 Qso 0n 40M - TOD ZIENS !!!
Jon schreef op februari 15, 2019 om 2:44 pm:
Heard you on 14.210 a few minutes ago. Excellent Antennas! I am preparing to upgrade beyond my existing wire antennas and yours look like the mark I should aim for. Hope to hear you again. 73, Jon
Rene schreef op februari 12, 2019 om 1:58 pm:
Site ziet er netjes uit Ben, geluk met de DX en tot horens.
Fulvio iv3hbw schreef op februari 8, 2019 om 2:58 pm:
73 51 Grazie for contact If need any info for remoting 7100 with remoterig , i m here . 73
Jordan VK2LPF schreef op januari 30, 2019 om 10:52 am:
Hi Ben Thanks for many nice QSO's on 20 metres. I look forward to many more and hopefully from E7 in a few months time. 73 Jordan VK2LPF
a61et schreef op januari 25, 2019 om 1:42 pm:
tnx "ben report 5/9++ great audio 73 cu agn
Neal Dahlen (W1DT) schreef op januari 22, 2019 om 3:04 pm:
Hello Ben and thanks for the nice discussion about your awesome station. It looks like you dedicated a lot of time to do everything with perfection. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Our SSB QSO was on 14.172MHz starting at 14:44 UTC on 22 January 2019. Thanks and Have a great year, Neal
WA3JRS - John schreef op januari 21, 2019 om 8:36 pm:
Ben, Very nice speaking with you. The Optibeam and 7600 are wonderful. Great audio. and generally S8, peaking at S9. Hope to meet again. Good DX. 73 de John, wa3jrs
Christo Pelster schreef op januari 4, 2019 om 1:48 pm:
Hearing you calling CQ on 7.090 UTC 13:48. Using SDR located on Grötö east of Gothneburg. Best 73 de SA6BUQ
Ben schreef op november 6, 2018 om 11:49 am:
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