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Breaking News    – Kent is active from Rwanda

from my good friend :

I trust you are well.
Thank you for your recent email confirming our QSO the 20 Metre Band on 13 NOV21.

I set up a very modest Amateur Radio station at my vacation house in Rwanda. I am from the Virgin Islands and I enjoy playing with my radios and I have a few other hobbies such as building antennas, motorcycling in Africa and sailing. I am retired after years of working in the Power Generation industry for companies such as Seimens, G.E., Mitsubishi and others.
My ham station in Rwanda is not very sophisticated. I have 3 transceivers. A Yaesu 991, a Kenwood TS-570D and an Icom IC-706 IIG. I mostly use homemade dipole antennas. I recently built a multi-band vertical employing many ground radials. I do not have an amplifier in Africa – too expensive and difficult to import.

I have great expectations for Solar Cycle 25. When propagation conditions improve I will not need an amplifier; good antennas will work well.



Search spots 9X2KP

Thank you so much Kent . –  Good DX !
We hope to hear you soon on the air waves again – 73’s  Ben PD2BA