FT8WW – Crozet Is.

DX Now !

FT8WW – Crozet Is.

Finaly after some long time we have a new DXcc in my log , now on QRZ.com nr. 331 Dxcc’s

FT8WW –  we worked with Thierry..today on 14,085 MHZ  , Mode :FT8
I hope the next time we can work Thierry in SSB operation (what I still prefer the old fashion way)
but till now we are very happy with the new one ! tnx.




And Yes Finaly in SSB -Today on 22feb. 2023: we have worked Thierry on 10meter band in SSB operation
The old fashion way on 28.350Mhz and split up . huge pileup ,but there was a good opening to the Isl. ,
I have worked with Thierry ,with my Hexbeam antenna on 14m.a.b.g level.


CROZET ISLAND -Ant.Bearing from JO21NS -148 degr.SP