DX Now !



Good signal today (19-12-2021)from Nils   , OX/SE3A  

OX/SE3A is used when I’m QRV from Greenand.
SE3A is a DX/contest callsign used by SM3UQK.
My name is Nils Norin, borne 1976.



General information about me and my operations from OX

I am a Swedish helicopter pilot working for Air Greenland flying AS350B3+ helicopters all over Greenland. I try to be QRV from Greenland when at work, but I usually have big problems to use any good antennas.
My standard equipment on Greenland is:
Yaesu FT-857D or IC-7300 powered by a small MeanWell power supply or a TracerPower 12V 7Ah Tracer LiFePO4 battery pack when portable. Antennas are;
A simple 20 meter wire vertical on fiberglass pole with only one counterpoise wire.
A simlle 20/40 eter trap dipole, used as inverted V on the fibreglass pole, center at around 5-6 meter height.
A Buddistick™ Portable Multi-Band Vertical Antenna.

I’m considering to buy a Magnetic Loop antenna, as I have no trees os other eleveted things to attach wires to.


Current stay in Greenland: 18/12 2021 – 4/1 20

QTH:  Nerlerit Inaat Airport (Constable Pynt) north east Greenland
Locator: HQ80QR
Position: Lat: N70.743 Lon: W22.647
Radio: IC-7300
Antenna 1: 20 & 40 meter trapped dipol aorund 10 meter over the ground

This is a very isolated and remote tiny airport where I’m based