DX Now !


New Zealand

Good Signal today (24-12-2021) from my Good Friend –  Jason – ZL3JAS  via SP 59

Base station, I use an Icom 756 pro III, 1KW and a Cob webb antenna but currently have a long extension lead for power to my garage and in the process of doing up a tower and will use a 4 element Quibical Quad,looking forward to having a base station.

My main calling freq is 14.190 & 14.200 or near by . I will be listening for you!

Mobile : Icom IC7000, Hi Sierra 1800Pro Ant, 500Watt HF SGC Smart Power Cube ,300 Watts 2 Meters & 100 Watts 70 cm.

73`s for now. Jason (Old UK call is G7RBR,Mobile power station).


My QSL Manager is in Spain.. Juan  EA7HBC    (JC)